matty to honduras

recently matty, the old p.e. teacher, came to town and stopped by school. it was really cool to see him- i hadn't realized how much i missed him until he came back! all the teachers were in the lounge during friday long recess, and in comes matty! i was like a little school girl- a fury of excitement! it had been a while since i last saw him, since when he and kim came to our wedding. we got to talk for a little bit, when classes started back up he stopped by and the kids were excited to see him too. on his way out he mentioned that he was going to be speaking at his old church on sunday. i talked with diana about it and she gladly agreed that we should go and support him there.
so sunday morning we went to living springs community church. the church itself was great! diana and i really loved it, the service was over an hour and a half, but we hardly even noticed. during the service matty went up and talked for a bit about what he is up to now. he is working for an organization called hearts to honduras where he takes church groups from around the country down to honduras to help out the local communities. he also has been spearheading an effort to create a camp down there for americans to visit, and for the local honduran children to enjoy. after church there was a spaghetti dinner for the family and matty got to show some videos and photos of what he has been up to down there. it was very interesting, and i would encourage you to check out what they are up to! the hearts to honduras website is here, or check it out on facebook here. i know that he, and the people of honduras, would appreciate any donations you can give!

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