outdoors indoors

we racked our brains trying to think of something fun for the kids while we waited for diana to get back from work. we settled on the idea of going to the bookstore and letting the kids check out the kids section. not too much fun... then, on the way, it struck me: we should go to cabela's! diana and i had been there before and loved it- and we arent even outdoors kind of people! i knew this would be just right for the kids, and boy, was i right! we headed over there and checked it out. before we went in though, i quietly gave bubba 51 cents. i didnt tell him why, i just told him he would need it inside. though slightly confused, he took it. we went in and the kids were overwhelmed by all they saw! there are mounted animals all over the place! there are also a bunch of other cool attractions inside. they had a great time and now they want to come back and see it all again!
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