teacher convention 09

each year we, as teachers, have a get together in south bend. this past week we had our convention, it is a time to get together with other christian school teachers and be encouraged, share ideas, and attend seminars that can equip us to be better teachers. this year was another great time, i attended a few seminars, and one was about love and logic, which is a loving form of discipline. it was very interesting and we hope to incorporate it into our interactions with students. it was a good time, and its always fun to see other teachers, some were old friends from college, and also to see the old teachers i had when i was in school- except now they are peers and i can call them by their first names (which is really strange...)
thursday, after the convention, i had a little extra time before heading back home, so i decided to surprise diana's dad, and stopped in to visit with him at his art studio workshop! it was great, we had some pizza and chatted for a while. he was quite surprised to see me! i'm really glad i got to see him. i actually thought it would be a little weird to see him without diana, but it was very comfortable and a great time. i must say, i really like having a new set of parents!
(more pics)

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