barbara's gifts

saturday afternoon everyone stopped by. it was the first time the kids had seen our house! bubba has been here before, but he was too young to remember it. when ever we go and visit them we would often get asked by one of the kids would ask diana or i where we lived. we would always tell them we live in indiana, two hours away. i dont think they ever really understood, just figuring it was far away and leaving it at that. finally they got to see our place, which they liked. when they arrived we were able to give the kids some little gifts. they werent from us, in fact they were from diana's sister barbara! they were little wind-up toys in the shape of different brightly colored bugs! they were very excited about them and loved to put them on the ground and watch them walk and twirl around! thanks barbara- you are going to make such a great aunt someday!
(more pics)


Anonymous said...

Mark you say Barbara will make a good aunt - is this a hint???

Captainbananapants said...

I'm glad they liked them, it wasn't anything big jeez! Not blog worthy anyway. :o) I wish I would have gotten you the bear slippers, maybe next time I go to the "Mystery Spot" in St. Ignus I'll get 'em for you.