lay our weary heads

this past weekend diana and i headed up to grand rapids to see my family, especially mom who just had a birthday. when ever we visit we end up having to stay in the basement because we bring poco with us. he is trained to pee on pads we set up for him, but we need to have a hard floor to set them on, we dont really trust him to spend too much time on carpet... the only place to do that is in the laundry room in the basement. since poco sleeps in the bed with us, that means that our only option was to also sleep in the basement (i know, i know, its a lot of annoyance for a dog, but it keeps the wife happy, so that makes it worth it). we have always set up the double bed air mattress in the main room of the basement for us to sleep on. if you have ever slept for much time on an air mattress then you know the struggles we face every time we go home. well, mom and papa surprised us this weekend with a real queen size bed in the basement!!! wow!!! we certainly didnt expect them to get a new bed just for the times that we visit- they certainly spoil us! we are really grateful for what they do for us. and i'm sure they did it out of selfless love and not as a way to get us to come up and see them more often... either way, it worked- we'll be heading up there again soon!

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Captainbananapants said...

It keeps the wife happy? You aren't fooling anyone buck-o