raise the roof

while the girls went and got groceries, the boys stayed back and finished up work on the shed. it has been almost a year since this project was started, so we figured it might be time to get the thing finished! last november papa came down for a couple days (which are recorded here: 1, 2, 3, 4) and we got the shed built. unfortunately, it got dark a bit too early on the second day, so we werent able to finish the roof all the way. papa got one side shingled, but we had to settle for a tarp over the other half of the roof! over the months it stood up pretty well, but now it was time to finish up the roof- it was a pretty cheap tarp and wasnt going to last too much longer...
this time timmy was around, the now there were two skilled workers on the scene, so the whole thing went really quick. tarp off, shingles on! papa cut a hole for a vent, and just like that, it was done! bubba and i helped a little bit, but we were pretty much just there to feed up materials and tools. after a couple hours the whole thing was done. thank you papa and tim, you guys are such a help! there is certainly no way i could have ever done any of this stuff myself! and without that shed, i would never have been able to put my stuff out there and fit my wife's stuff into this overcrowded house, so she thanks you too!
(more pics)

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