in the house

after the shed roof was finished, we cleaned up a bit and headed inside. the girls had come home from the grocery store with tons of food for diana and i (thanks mom!), and also some lunch: taco bell! we all dug in and tried to find somewhere in the living room to eat- it was quite crowded! the kids were still a bit scared of poco, so he was put in the kitchen behind the baby gate. at one point, feeling brave, they wanted to try petting him again. aves, of course, had no fear, and went right in to pet him. bubba has been getting better and better with him, but tweets is still scared stiff of him.
once lunch had been eaten, the kids wanted to play a little bit. i pulled out a few transformers for bubba to play with. the girls turned to diana and asked 'do you have anything for us to play with?' and it just so happened that she did! diana went into the office and pulled out a box of her old barbie stuff- the girls were thrilled! they had a great time playing with their favorite aunt, and the rest of us got a chance to just chill out and chat for a bit while they were preoccupied.
eventually though, it was time to leave. we wished all of them good travels, and said our goodbyes. then came the hard part: clean up!
(more pics)


Anonymous said...

Sure was a great weekend!! Thanks for your hospitality Mark & Diana!
We love you!

Captainbananapants said...

Mark you better thank Diana one more time for sharing her toys... that doesn't come lightly. Especially those Barbies. I'm really jelous the girls got to play Barbies with my sister and I didn't :o(