ready for some football

on saturday the family headed to a football game. my nephew is in a flag football league called upward, its a church based league that bubba plays on, and it was really cool! they start off by announcing the players as they run through the tunnel to applause, then they play their game. at half time the cheerleaders (the little girls have a team of their own too!) come in and perform a song for everyone, and then there is a little game for the boys that is all about team building, and even a bible story for encouragement! afterward they finish the game, and the coach gets the team together and gives out achievement stickers for what the boys did during the game. it was really cute and all the kids really love it! bubba played really well, he even got the ball and outran the opponents to score a touchdown. tweets and aves were totally enamoured and in awe of the cheerleaders! i'm sure it wont be long before the two of them join the cheerleading squad!
(more pics: 1, 2, 3)

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