autumn orchard

after a fun morning watching football, the family headed out to the apple orchard! this has been a family tradition ever since i was a wee lad. i have many fond memories of the family going to the robinettes apple orchard. there they have a food hall where they make their own donuts, which we would always love to watch as the tasty treats emerged from the oil, rolled down the belt, and then covered in chocolate. i remember sitting and watching that process for a half hour or more just mesmerized by it! we would always stop over and watch as they squeezed the apple pulp and out came fresh cider. yum! now its fun to watch the kids enjoy these same activities as we did all those years ago. the place has certainly gotten busier over the years, you cant really sit and watch the donuts anymore because there are about 200 people waiting in line behind you! we got some treats and cider and sat down with the family and enjoyed the afternoon together. what made this trip especially memorable, is that it was the first trip to the orchard with diana! i hope that i can take a tradition that i had with my family and continue it with my wife.
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