make a steak

in order to celebrate mom's birthday, we went to a restaurant in allegan called the grill house. mom and papa had been there before, but it was the first time for jill, tim, diana, and i. it took us about 45 minutes to get there, but once we arrived we found a cool restaurant that is in a converted house. the main floor is the grill house, and the basement is a bar. we were told we had about 20 minutes to wait, so we headed down to the bar for a while. the place had a great atmosphere, and even had live music. when our table was ready we went up to eat. now, what makes this place so special and worth the long drive is how dinner is prepared: its a do-it-yourself grill! you order a meal, head to the grilling room, they give you the meat and a spot at the grill, then you have at it! it was really nice, there are a couple professionals in the grill room to give you an idea of how to grill it to get the best taste, then they let you put the meat on and do the grilling thing. they also provide seasoning, potato wedges, and thick bread with buttery syrup to make some grilled toast. the whole family got into the grilling thing, tim started off, he's definitely the better griller, but then i stepped in and took a turn too. the food turned out pretty good (mom and diana's steak was a little too rare, but we brought it back to the grill and got it just right). everything they had there was really delicious and it made for a fun and unforgettable meal!
(more pics)

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