sunday dog day

sunday morning we got up and ready and headed off to church with the family. its always fun to sit with the kids- bubba plays with his toys when he gets bored, and tweets just really loves to sing along with all the songs!
after church we got home and soon after tim, jill, and the kids came by. we were there for the weekend with poco, so we figured we would try again with getting the kids used to having him around. they were, of course, terrified at first, but soon were comfortable enough to actually pet him. we still cant set him down and have him run around while they are there, but they are getting better! at one point we set poco down, he ran over to bubba, and bubba just froze in fear! poco then walked away to smell someone else, and bubba was so proud of himself, saying 'look! i stood still like i'm supposed to, i didnt even get scared!' sure, bubba...
we had dinner together, another top notch sunday meal from the great chef mom! we didnt think we would ever be hungry again after last night, but some how we managed... diana and i hung out for a few more hours, then it was time to go. i had been busy getting a few things taken care of, and diana had actually packed everything up and put it in the car! i love it when she surprises me with those little bits of help. by late afternoon we were all packed up and ready to go back to our own place. another great time visiting the family!
(more pics)

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Captainbananapants said...

I love the kids petting Poco stories! He is pretty terrifying. And Aves putting her treat in her socks cracked me up! :o)