ladies day

diana's mom has been trying to find a time to come and visit with gramma to see diana and i. last weekend they finally were able to make it work- and barbara was able to come too! we really enjoyed having them come, but there was a small hitch: it was a girls only visit! so they came over in the afternoon, hung out for a few minutes, and then diana was whisked away! unfortunately i had to sit here at home all by myself. poor me... actually, it was great- diana was really excited to see everyone, and i didn't have a problem at all just hanging out here. it was great that diana had the opportunity to have an afternoon with all the girls of the family. when they came back we got to chat for a while and just have a great afternoon with them!
(more pics)


Mary said...

I totally understand that wonderful sister/Mom/daughter bond!! Thanks for getting it Mark!!

Captainbananapants said...

Poor grandma looks like a battered child! I look like a rumple-dumplin or something. I love the pictures but they aren't exactly flattering! :o) Keep up the good work!