what do we want?

friday diana had the day off so she came down to visit me. i only had a half day at work, so we got to spend most of the day together! always a nice thing. well, we went out for lunch, but didnt have any other plans for the day. while eating we got a great idea: we could go and register for wedding gifts! we had been talking about it for the past month or two, but just never had the opportunity. after lunch we drove over to target. she and i had been at odds about how to go about this. i said we should just wander down each of the isles and just pick what we wanted. she, on the other hand, wanted to be more organized (something i typically find to be overrated...), she wanted to make a list first, and then go in and walk the isles. as the man i know its my job to give in and do what she wants, so i fulfilled my duty and gave in and did what she wanted. so we sat in the target parking lot for about 10 minutes while she made her list.
we went in and signed up at those registry kiosks by the entrance, went over and got a scanner, and then we were off! we went up and down the isles and picked what we wanted (doing it my way anyway...). her favorite part was when we got to the dishes- she has been lusting after these dishes for about 2 years, she told me. but then when it finally came time to scan them in, she saw another color that she liked better! she was so confused and didnt know what to do. i told her to scan in the old favorites, and we could always go back and change it in the next week or two. she was satisfied with that, so we moved on. we got about halfway through the store and i was done with it. i was pooped. i had had a crazy day at school, granted it was only a half day, but that half day was one of the craziest days of the year: grandparents day! so we called it a day and only got through half the store. she wasnt to happy about that, and made sure i knew it. we went home and hung out the rest of the evening. she eventually got over it, and is now looking forward to going back and finishing up.
(more pics)

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