after seeing the tosh live we werent ready to go back home, so we tried to find a place to just chill. fortunately, nick is from kalamazoo, so he knew just the right place: shakespeares! it was only a block or two from the state theater, so we walked over. it was the strangest thing, as we were entering the pub we came across a couple people i know! a couple hours from home and i see two familiar faces! at just that moment brian, mollys boyfriend, was walking out! we chatted with him for a minute, and then we continued in. after about two steps in i see my cousin john and his girlfriend heading for the door! they stop and we chat for a second. how strange!
we found a table and had a great time just talking with each other. this was the first time that jeffry lee had met dianas sister barbara and nick, so it was really fun having everyone get to know each other! everyone hit it off instantly. very helpful, considering barbara and jeffry lee are going to be walking down together in our wedding...

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