park shoot

saturday we met up at mars hill church at noon for pictures. we brought our tuxes to the grooms room and changed, then headed back to the sanctuary. when we got there we got the low down on what we could expect for pictures. the plan was to go to a park just down the road and take some photos there. curt wanted to get some photos of all of us guys wearing sunglasses, but a couple of us didnt have any with us, so we stopped at the gas station and picked a pair from their amazing assortment... we headed to the park and had a great time just messing around and taking some good pics. there were a ton of ducks there that were really annoying (well, they were ok, it was their poop that was annoying...), after a while the ladies came too. we took some photos with everyone. there were some really great spots in that park that we took pictures at. as we were posing the photographers would ask one of us to move slightly, or step forward a bit. at one point the photographer asked me to move 'hey ken, could you take a step to the right?' we all looked around to see who this ken fellow was. we all looked back at the photographer with a puzzled look on our faces. turns out that she meant me! so for the rest of the night i was called ken by everyone. quite strange...
(pics: 1, 2, 3, videos: 1)

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