more family

on monday i headed back over to see diana. i still havent met all of her extended family, and monday night there was an opportunity to meet some of them. her cousin lives in vancouver and happened to be back in town for the weekend, so they set up a time for dianas family to stop by and visit. i met up with diana, her sister, and her sisters boyfriend at their dads house. we all hopped in the car and drove over to her uncle and aunts. we got there and hung out, we talked with them for a bit, then had some dinner. her cousin and husband are professors at a college in vancouver, so it was interesting to talk with them about teaching stuff and how it is so different to teach at a college level. dianas uncle, her dads brother, showed us around the house and pointed out all the great paintings he has. all of them painted by dianas dad! they were really cool, especially the painting of a church at night (thats what the picture above is). another cool bit was seeing her uncles abraham lincoln collection- it was quite impressive! it was good to meet more of dianas family and be able to have a laid back night chatting with them. each new member i meet makes me love her family more and more!

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