the after party

after the ceremony we headed off to the reception. it was quite a hike, the ceremony was at mars hill in grandville, but the reception was about 45 minutes away in lowell. we got there and the place started filling up. the bride and groom were still no where to be found. turns out the keys to the car that they were supposed to take were accidentally taken by the photographers, so they had to head back and give them the keys!
about an hour after the start time, they finally showed up! we were announced in and had a seat. after the toasts we got up and got our food. when we were done it was time for some dancing! sara had asked aaron to dj the event, so he was hanging out over by the sound equipment playing some lite tunes as we ate. once the dancing bit started i grabbed a chair and joined him up there. over the coarse of the night there were some people who would get up and dance, but surprisingly to aaron and i, the biggest hits for getting people on the floor was when he played some 60s and 70s rock! it got all the old people out there busting a move! by the end of the night we had all gone out on the dance floor and had a great time. aaron even got to play a little vanilla ice.
all in all it was a great time, and i wish sara and curt the very best!
(more pics: 1, 2, 3, 4)

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