hello again

tuesday diana had off of work, so she was in town to see me! we went out to eat at red robin and had a great time talking and making more plans for the wedding and stuff. after we ate we went to the movie theater and finally saw the movie we missed on friday night: fireproof. it was a pretty good movie, and a perfect one to see with my future wife (further thoughts about the movie here). after the movie she wanted to find some shoes, so we stopped at payless shoes for a little bit. thriftiness prevailed, and we left empty handed.
it was good to see her again. i know, i had just seen her all weekend, but im starting to grow weary of the times we are apart. i guess thats a pretty good sign, huh?


Anonymous said...

Like that coat you have on Mark!!
Good to see you like it too.

Anonymous said...

We also had a date night - Friday night and went to see that movie. We thought it was good! And yes I did see a resemblance to Chad :)