chillin with the guys

after the rehearsal dinner i gave jeffry lee a call to see what the guys were up to. they had all gotten together and were having dinner at logans. i stopped by and sat with them until the finished. everyone was there: jeffry lee (who is sporting a groovy goatee), aaron, rex, freddy, molly, and freddys friend max who i hadnt met before.
when everyone was done, we headed over to the movie theater to catch a flick. molly had other plans, so she didnt join us, and aaron still needed to tweek sara and curts wedding playlist so he skipped out too. the rest of us went to see a movie (my review here), and then did what we always do: headed over to fridays. max left soon after we got there, but the rest of us hung out for a couple hours and talked. its always good to spend time with those guys, and im really starting to like freddy, hes a pretty cool cat.

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