date night!

after the convention on friday, diana and i headed up to grand rapids to spend the weekend with my family! we arrived in town around 2:30pm and went to a couple meeting we had made with different photographers for our wedding. they went well, and after much talk, we decided on someone. another thing we can check off the planning list!
later that night we went out on a date! it was a fun triple date with my mom and dad, and tim and jill (they got a babysitter for the kids). we had a grand plan: we were going to go out to eat and then see a movie! sounds like fun to us! we went to logans steakhouse for dinner and had a good time just talking and catching up. they hadnt seen diana in over a month, so they were excited to see her (oh, and thank tim for the wonderfully fuzzy picture above...). the food was good, but of course they messed up on my dads steak. i dont think ive ever been to the logans on kalamazoo by the M6 highway and had everything taste good. other locations ive been to are always top notch, but this one always seems to mess something up! after dinner we headed over to the movie theater. we figured we would get there about twenty minutes early and get tickets. nope! the showing we wanted to see was sold out! who would have thought? the movie, 'fireproof' is a small independent film that had been out for a month already! i guess i should have thought it through- a christian date movie in grand rapids, of course it will sell big time. oops. well, we tried to think of a plan B and didnt come up with much. we decided to go to rivertown mall and shop for a bit. we had planned to go get dessert afterward at fridays, but the wait was too long. we finally decided to go over to tim and jills and just play games for the rest of the night. dad wasnt feeling well, so he and mom headed home. diana and i went over there and we had a great time playing 'life'!
the date went well, and i fully intend to ask her out on another one soon! (i think she liked me too...) though things didnt go exactly as my mom planned and there were a few problems through out the night, it didnt really matter. it was just nice to be able to spend time with diana and my family!

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