the tosh

i have set many goals for myself in my life, and i have been blessed with the ability to achieve many of them. graduate high school? check. go to college? check. become a teacher? check. this past weekend i was able to cross off another life long goal: go and see daniel tosh live!
a couple months ago jeffry lee noticed that daniel tosh (from here on to be referred to simply as 'the tosh') was going to be in kalamazoo. needless to say, we were psyched! i had known that nick, barbaras boyfriend, also loved the tosh, so we decided to invite diana, barbara, and nick. they said yes, so we got the tickets. well, this past saturday we went and saw the tosh live!!! and it was glorious!!!
jeffry lee drove down from grand rapids, the rest of us drove together up from buchanan. we met up and walked over to this cool little pub. it was a great place, it totally felt like an irish pub should. i did what any self respecting person would do in an irish pub: i ordered fish and chips! after a great meal, we walked down to the state theater where the tosh was to perform. after a bit of walking about looking for bathrooms and cars and stuff, we arrived at the show. for some reason ticketmaster wont let you order more than four tickets at once, so we had to split up to get to our seats. nick and barbara sat together, and diana, jeffry lee, and i sat together. the show was a blast, the comedian before his was really funny, he was a mix of mos def and dave chapell. very funny. then, out came the tosh!!! he was hilarious, and rude, and hilariously rude. i giggled, guffawed, belly laughed, and howled for the next hour and a half!
after the show the tosh was even outside willing to take pictures with anyone who wanted to. and i wanted to!

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