the future in-laws

sunday i went over to dianas mom and step dads house for breakfast. dianas step sister and her boyfriend were visiting from boston, so i really wanted to see them. last time they were around i wasnt able to visit, and having never met them before, it was important to see them this time. the only problem was that diana wasnt able to come. so it was just me and her family! fortunately her family is really cool and i dont feel uncomfortable at all around them- in fact i had actually been missing them! i arrived and helped her mom cut up some potatoes for the meal, and then everyone else started to arrive. dianas sister barbara came and soon after illana and matt arrived as well. dianas step dad prepared an amazing meal for us: waffles, sausages, eggs, potatoes- the whole nine yards! it was delicious (i think diana and i might have to take some cooking lessons from him before she moves in...). the meal was great, and it was a lot of fun to meet illana and matt, and chat with everyone for a couple hours!
eventually i met up with diana and we went for dinner with her sister. it was good to see her after being apart all weekend. i would have loved for her to be with me at sara and curts wedding, but she said she and her step sister had a blast!

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