practice makes perfect

this past weekend i stood up in the wedding of my friends sara and curt. it was up in grand rapids, so i had to leave work early on friday to make it up to the rehearsal on friday. it started at 4:00 and i got there a bit late (dang you, chicago traffic!), but we had enough time to run through it a few times, so all was well. it was really great to be able to see the two of them again, it had been almost a year since i last saw them! i didnt know anyone there except the two of them, so it was fun to get to know everybody else. i talked with the pastor too and he actually grew up down in indiana where i live- small world!
after a few times through, we called it good and headed over to saras friend antons house. we got pizza and hung out, which gave me a chance to mingle and let everyone know i was not just the late jerk who held up the rehearsal...

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sara said...

hey, thanks for being a part my and curt's day! having you there really meant alot to us both. and thank you so much for taking extra pics, it's nice to see things from all aspects. i hope you had a blasty blast! i can't wait until your day is here;)
thanks again for being here.

love, sara and curt rice