goodbye marlow

i used to be a mac man. back in college i was an art major and loved graphic design, so i bought myself a mac computer (we all experiment a little in college, right?). i loved it and used it all the time. i got all kinds of great programs for it: photoshop, a vector drawing program, a professional publishing program, tons of great stuff. i fell in love with it! i brought it with me to salt lake city and still did some really fun design work with it: making shirts and posters for the coffee house, making a professional brochure for my school, etc. when i roomed with sean for a year he would always tell me how much is sucked, and would ask why couldnt i have a real computer! (sean now has seen the error of his ways and currently owns a mac himself...) i used it for a while here in indiana, but i soon grew tired of using it because i didnt have the internet. slowly i stopped using it all together.
recently i have been working on cleaning up the second bedroom in my place, and i finally got it cleaned up enough to actually be able to use the computer desk i have it on! i plugged it all in and fired it up for the first time in about four years! as soon as the monitor came to life i was immediately brought back to my college days- oh the nostalgia! i spent about the next hour looking through the different files and programs i had used all those years ago. what fun! unfortunately, since i have a new computer that i actually use and ive been instructed to get rid of everything i dont need, this iMac is on way out. ive been loading the programs on it to a jump drive and putting them on my new computer, so i have no use for the old one anymore. i am reluctant to say goodbye to marlow (thats the computers name, by the way). anybody know where i could give it a good home?

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