shoe shopping

on thursday diana came to see me. we knew we wouldnt see each other for most of the weekend, so we got a little head start. when i got home from work she was already at the house chilling with poco. we had a few errands to run, and we were both really hungry, so we headed right out. we ate at pepper jacks, which is basically a chili's knock off. the food was good, and it was nice to just be able to see her while we talked (im sure getting sick of phone conversations all week...). after dinner we did a little shopping. we stopped at old navy and the shoe store. her nice doc martins she wears at work finally gave out and cracked in the sole, so a new pair was needed. we found just what she wanted, and i got a new pair of work shoes too- half off! after a bit more shopping, i figured i should get a haircut for the wedding i was in this weekend. she tagged along and read through a magazine while i got the new 'do.

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Payton said...

I too have to attend a wedding party in the coming week, too need some shoe shopping for it, may be I will do it through Timberland.