her friends

saturday night we met up with some of dianas friends. she went to grand valley state university here in grand rapids, so she has a bunch of friends who still live in the area. her two closest friends in town are josh and tchecomah. josh was able to meet up for dinner, so we went to one of his favorite places called blue ginger. its a really great new asian restaurant. we talked for a while with him, hes a pretty interesting guy, hes the kind of guy who loves to talk about the two things your not supposed to talk about: politics and religion. oh, and hes a loud talker, so everyone else in the place got to hear his end of the conversation. yikes...
after dinner we went to go see the movie 'w'. afterwards we got a call from tchecomah (pronounced like the city tacoma, washington), dropped josh off, and headed over to see him. it was really fun talking with him and his girlfriend- they are a ton of fun!
before we knew it, it was 2:00am and we had church in the morning! yikes! so we said our goodbyes and headed out. diana said that she was really glad to be able to catch up with the two of them again and see that they are doing so well. she really wants us to move up there soon!

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