home improvements

diana and i have been thinking through what we need to do to my place to make it ready for when she moves in. we know we want to repaint most of the rooms, and we have some ideas for other things. ive been talking to my parents about a few of these changes and they were wondering what they could do to help, they figured they would like to come and give some input on it as well. so saturday my mom and dad drove down to take a look at the place. we walked through the place room by room and took a look at everything we could do to improve it. the living room needs to be moved around a bit, and the tv needs to be moved to maximize the room and hide all the ugly cables and outlets. the bedroom closets need to be refigured so we can actually use the space we have, the bathroom is mostly good, and the kitchen needs more cupboard space. after the once over, we headed out to eat at charlies ale house in munster. after dinner we drove over to home depot to see what kinds of things they had that could solve our problems. we took a look at cupboards that might fit and found some good ones! we also took a look at the sheds they had, because i need one really badly! i even dreamed big and checked out the washers and driers... when we got back to my place we packed up the bed in my second room for them to take home.
it was really good to see mom and dad again. man, they have visited three times now in the last 6 months. i think that doubles the total visits they have made to see me since i moved here five years ago! this whole getting a new daughter-in-law thing might be part of the reason...

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