wrapped and unwrapped

finally, time for the main event: prizes!  we spend the next couple hours just having so much fun opening and giving gifts.  though diana and i are on a pretty tight budget, were were still able to splurge a little and get some great stuff for the kids.  ledger got some pretty awesome stuff: some fun big boy toys (well, if you can call toys geared toward 12 month old babies that) as well as some really cute clothes and stuff!  diana and i didnt make out too bad either!  diana had made some really cool jewelry for mom, jill, the girls, and miyuki, so it was great for her to give those out and share the beautiful creations she had been working on for the past few weeks.
one of the highlights when ever chad is around for christmas, is his amazing gift wrapping skills.  he has been doing this ever since i can remember.  what he does is just find the most ridiculous way possible to wrap a present- often throwing in random objects as well so that the gift will feel heavier or look different to throw us off so we dont have any idea what the gift is.  we look forward to it every year!  well, to be honest, i think he out did himself this year with jill's gift- look at that thing!  we were pretty sure it was designed to be a nun's habit, and jill was going to go flying away at any moment!
(more pics)

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