sick boy

with both diana and i severely out of commission due to contracting the death flu, diana's mom swooped in and saved the day!  she came to visit to help out with ledger until all three of us started feeling better.  i've never been so thankful for help in my entire life!  unfortunately ledger did get a bit sick as well.  he had some sort of bug, but thankfully not as bad as the two of us.  the crazy thing about ledge being sick though, was the fact that he never let on.  he was still just as happy and smiley as normal, wanting to play and everything!  when diana and i were feeling a bit better we took him in to the doctor just to make sure everything was ok with him.  it wasnt.  he had a double ear infection and a respiratory virus! good thing we brought him in!  now thats a tough kid, two ear infections and still a smile on his face.  maybe his mom and dad could learn a lesson from this trooper!
(more pics)

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