let 'em roll

when we arrived back at the cabin it was game time.  we tried the night before, but got distracted with discussion.  this time dusty was here and he brought the awesome poker yahtzee game we love so much.  we took our positions and got right to it!  before we played dusty's game though, adam had a new one to teach us about.  i dont remember what it was called, but its kind of a mix between 'telephone' and 'pictionary'.  whatever it was, it was hilarious!  everyone involved couldnt stop laughing the entire time.  we ended up with some very strange results- and some pretty amazing drawings...  when we finally got around to the dice game we were in high spirits and about as silly as you can get- aaron was spouting off zingers left and right!  i'm not entirely sure if i ever stopped laughing the whole night!
the night ended, as it always does, with a time of talking and reflecting on what a great year we had.  sharing the ups and downs of the past 12 months is always a highlight of the trip, reconnecting with friends and having a chance to hear whats been going on for them and what they are looking forward to as the new year begins.  eventually the crowd thins as guys finally admit how tired they are, leaving just the final three or four. when the conversations finally come to an end, the lights are put out and we all crawl in to our beds for the night.

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