uncle jeffry lee

one thing that made me so happy about christmas with diana's family was that i got to share it with jeffry lee!  of course i love diana's family, but it was a special treat to have my best friend (other than diana) there to join in the festivities.  jeffry lee has always been so excited about our little ledger- he was actually the first baby that jeffry lee held in his entire life- not even jeffry lee's nephews can claim that feat!  when ever ledger is around, jeffry lee just gets so happy- such an unexpected side of him that i really love!  he even spent some time playing with ledger on the ground, messing around with the toys, and having a great time.  every time i see that big old lug it reminds me that he is indeed the 'best man'.  as ledge grows up he will certainly enjoy his crazy uncle jeffry lee!
(more pics)

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