cabin, ho!

its that time once again, time for the guys to head up to the cabin!  the day after christmas i headed over to jeffry lee's place to meet up for the big trip.  it actually is bigger than last year- we are staying two nights this time!  papa let me take his truck up because i had to take an alternate generator up to assure that the cabin would in fact have power (the cabin is too far away from any power lines, so the only way it gets power is with a generator).  jeffry lee, rex, brains, and i were all up for spending an extra night up in good ol' baldwin.  the other guys would be joining us the next day, but the four of us were in for two crazy nights of rustic fun. we met up around 11:00am, but didnt actually leave jeffry lee's until about 1:00 or so... oh well, better late than never, right?

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