crib naps

ever since ledger was just a couple months old everyone had been telling us that we need to start training him to take naps in his crib.  but we ignored them.  why?  well, look at him, look at how cute he is!  i would much rather hold him for that hour than put him in his crib so i can do something less important around the house!  we kept delaying the transition, not wanting to give up this special time with him.  sure, we tried it a few times and it didnt work very well anyway, he would sleep for about twenty to thirty minutes, and then be up and exhausted until his next nap.  this made him unhappy, and it made me unhappy too- not enough sleep makes for a pretty flustered baby.  well, it finally came time for us to do it, not of our own accord, mind you, he just got to the point where he wouldn't fall asleep if he could see mama or dada- he would much rather grab our noses or play with our shirt buttons!  so, reluctantly we put him in his crib so that he wouldn't be quite as distracted.  it worked, and now he takes full length naps in his crib twice a day.  this is great for getting things done around the house, but i am a bit sad that this stage of his life is already over.  i made sure to snap this photo of the last time my son took a nap in his father's arms.

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