a path in the dark

that night, as we were hanging out in the cabin, keith decided he wanted to go for a walk.  he asked if anyone wanted to go with him, so we all decided to tag along and enjoy the great outdoors in the dark, dark night!  we wandered back down the path that lead us to the cabin, but this time we took a turn to the right and followed it.  the guys had never been down this way before but were up for an adventure.  i had been down this path many years ago on a snowmobile, but never on foot.  as the path winded back and forth we had a great time just talking and joking.  eventually the wooded path opened up to reveal a huge path where the enormous power lines cross the county.  it was really cool to just take in the quite moonlight and pause to appreciate the great time we were having.  after a time we headed back down the path, back to the cabin, but feeling a renewed sense of appreciation for nature, each other, and the annual tradition of going to the cabin!  later we estimated the path to be over three miles both ways- no wonder my legs were hurting when we got back!

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