pompeii pizza

after we arrived and got everything unpacked, we got the fire started and met up with keith at the local grocery store.  he was driving in from mount pleasant, so he just met us there.  we got back to the cabin and hung out for a while, taking some time to practice our aim with the plethora of guns rex, jeffry lee, and keith brought along.  as evening approached, we ventured out again to the thriving metropolis that is baldwin...  we drove up and down the place looking for a place to eat other than our usual digs (we wanted to wait until everyone was there for that tradition).  we ended up stopping at pompeii pizza and getting a bite to eat.  when we first pulled up we assumed it was closed considering there was no one in the whole place.  turns out they were open, it was just a rather slow night...  fortunately the food was pretty great and we had the run of the place, which of course meant that we were pretty silly the whole time.
(more pics)

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