to the movies

chad and miyuki invited diana and i to go to the movies with them that night.  we all wanted to go see the hobbit, so we made plans to go and see it together.  seeing a movie on christmas day is something i had never done before, but it was so awesome to get the chance to do that with chad.  while we were waiting for the movie to start, chad realized that he hadnt been to a movie theater in about six years!  yeash- thats quite a while!  we saw the movie in 3D, which was a first for both chad and miyuki.
after the movie we hung out for a minute, all four of us, and realized that we wouldnt see them again before they left to go back to their homes!  they were going to go visit chicago and by the time they got back, diana and i would be heading back our home as well.  it was a little bittersweet- we had a fun evening together, but now it was goodbye.  it was so wonderful to meet miyuki and to spend time with chad that we didn't want it to be over so quickly!  i guess we will have to do it again soon, right?

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