more toys!

ledger had been having a blast with all of his toys, but was starting to loose interest.  fortunately, alanna, my sister-in-law, has a boy thats about a year older than ledge and they offered us a bunch of his old toys- yes please!  so now ledge has an overflowing wealth of fun toys to play with.  diana had the great idea of splitting his toys up into three groups- one he can play with now, and the other two groups we can substitute in when he is starting to loose interest in his current crop- that way they will always seem new to him.  well, we recently swapped out the first group of toys with the second group, and he is loving it!  he spends most of his day just tinkering and playing with the new stuff!  and when he's done with those?  well, we've got that third pile of toys to swoop in and save him from a boring afternoon!  thanks again, alanna!
(more pics)

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