feeling better

finally, after a hard fought battle, everyone in the house was starting to feel a bit better.  diana and i were able to walk around without that constant dizzy feeling, or the feeling that we might need to run to the bathroom at an instants notice!  we were both finally keeping everything down and were almost back to eating real food.  i would say ledger was back to his old happy self, but he never really left- the only real change was that he had more energy (lucky us...).  and now that we are all feeling better its time for my vacation to end.  figures.  oh well, at least it happened when i was able to be with the family and help out on recovery as best i could, right?  thanks again, mom, for coming to our rescue and allowing us all to take the time to get through that terrible week!  now that i think about it, it was terrible, but at the same time it really brought us three together.  silver linings and all that, right?

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