ledger's first christmas gift

with this being ledger's first christmas, diana and i didnt know how he would react to the flurry of activity and attention.  knowing our boy, i figured he would be thrilled by it all.  turns out we were right- he loved every minute of it!  we started off the afternoon with each of the kids getting one gift before we dug in to the meal mom had prepared for us.  ledger got to be the first one to open his gift. granted, being only nine months old, he didnt really have any idea what was going on or what he was supposed to do, so jill and the girls stepped in to help him with unwrapping his prize.  even as they unwrapped it, he still had no idea what was happening, he was just happy smiling at jill, tweets, and aves while they opened his gift for him.
(more pics)

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