tire problems

for the past year we have been dealing with annoying tire problems on our black car.  the two front tires are always going flat.  its not that they go totally flat, they just seem to leak air and always need more put in them.  this becomes especially annoying when we dont drive it for a couple days- the tires can get so low that they almost seem like they are flat!  usually i would remedy this by stopping off at the oil change place once or twice a week.  they offer free tire checks and stuff for their customers, so i often take advantage!  well, this time we must have let it go too long because the front left tire was looking completely flat!  i didnt dare drive it over to the oil change place for fear of bending the rims of the wheel.  i called up ol' jeffry lee and he suggested that we get a portable air compressor and just keep it in the trunk.  genius! i ran down the the hardware store and found one for under twenty bucks!  i was fearful that i would need to buy a big giant one for a hundred or two bucks, but this little thing works great!  after pumping the tire up i took the car in to get the tire resealed and, surprisingly, it hasnt given us any trouble ever since!

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