with the fishies

soon after we arrived we all piled on a big boat. we were handed a snorkel, mask, and flippers for our feet. we each found a seat on the front of the ship and rode out for a little bit to the edge of the reef. when we got to the area we wanted to snorkel in, the guide got up and informed us how to do everything we were going to be doing.
it was all making sense and i was doing well, right up until the time when we had to actually jump in the water! i had no fear of the actual snorkeling bit, i was actually quite looking forward to it. rather, it was the 12 foot jump off the edge of the boat to the water that had me terrified! once i got over that i jumped in and we were off! the dive itself was really cool, seeing all those fish and ocean life was really amazing. if you stayed close to the guide he would periodically feed the fish, so they were always nearby. diana had a great time, and later said that the snorkeling was the best part of the mexico experience. i had a good time too, but found out the hard way that underwater masks dont seal so well around the nose if you have a moustache... i spend the first 10 minutes coughing in salt water. finally i realized that it wasnt going to seal, so i just had to keep one hand at my mask plugging my nose the whole time i was down there. oh well, it was a really great time anyway!
(more pics: 1, 2, 3)

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