mall about town

the bus arrived at the mall and we got out to checked things out. it was a really nice mall, but that was part of the problem- it was a really really nice mall. nice as in fancy! we werent planning on spending too much money, and this place was filled with different high end stores, the kind that advertise in diana's high fashion magazines. we did find a few more reasonably priced places, and diana even found a really good looking red patterned dress and i found a good souvenir t-shirt.
we finished shopping and then we still had about an hour before the bus was going to get us, so we tried to kill time and putzed around checkin things out. we got out to wait for the bus early, but then got a bit scared that we would miss it, which ended up being no problem at all. on the bus ride back there were a few passengers (who had a bit too much to drink) and they were being pretty funny and asking us all about ourselves, when they found out we were newlyweds- then the howling began! eventually we got back to the resort. we stopped in the resort's shop to see if diana wanted the beach cover up she had her eye on. she passed, so we headed up to the room.
(more pics)

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