the other beach

the resort we were in was so big that we had only ever seen one of the three pool areas! we decided that we should change that, so we decided to check out the rest of the resort. there are buses that travel back and forth between the two lobbies every fifteen minutes, so we caught one of those and rode it to the other side. we must have gotten off at the wrong place because we went to the third lobby, which is all newly built stuff, in fact, not everything in that area is even built yet! we ended up going past a bunch of spots where construction was still going on.
we laid down at the pool and kicked it for about a half hour. diana looked up at me and announced that she was bored, so we walked down to the beach and could see the second set of pools just down the way. we decided to just walk over to them and see what it was all about.
(more pics: 1, 2, 3)

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