the morning after

the morning after the wedding diana and i went over to my parents place for lunch and to open our wedding gifts. before we left the hotel we stopped in the pool area and said goodbye to tim, jill, and the kids (they were taking advantage of the huge pool play area for the day). we met up with diana's mom, step dad, sister and nick in the hotel lobby, then drove over to my parents place. jeffry lee joined us there as well. we all arrived at the house and talked about all the fun of the day before. diana and i dug into the huge pile of gifts and cards we had received! it was really amazing the amount of gifts we got- thank you to everyone who brought us something!
after the gifts we all enjoyed the food that my mom had put out for us, and continued to talk about the wedding. diana and i were very excited for the honeymoon ahead!
(more pics)

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