a swingin' bar

we decided we would try out the steakhouse, but got distracted along the way at the swing bar. the swing bar is a bar that has actual swings to sit in! it was still a little early so diana and i actually got two of the seats/swings. we sat and enjoyed the view and the conversation. they had sushi there, and i was really craving it and ended up having three plates of it with diana! it was always so strange being there because everyone who works for the resort speaks spanish, but also knows english. i dont know much spanish myself, but diana and i both found ourselves thanking anyone who waited on us or did anything for us in spanish. gracias!
we stopped by the swing bar again on the way back from dinner, but by then the annoying and loud college drunks had taken over the place, so we headed back to the room for the night.
(more pics)

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