mexican italian

when we went down to the lobby to get some more money changed into one dollar bills for tips we also decided to sign up for the snorkeling trip. we were going to do the dinner cruise, but it was 80 bucks extra per person! yeesh, no thanks! we shopped around a bit at the lobby stores and we got a little box trinket to keep pennies in- got to have a souvenir, right? when we left the lobby we saw that there was a little market set up in the theater area so we wandered around there for a bit. as the day went on diana and i needed a little time to rest, so she sat back and watched tv for a bit in the room.
by 8:30 we were ready to go for dinner. we wanted to try somewhere new. the little brochure thingy told us that there was an italian restaurant, but we had been all over the beach resort and hadn't seen it! we pulled out the map of the place and soon discovered our oversight: along with the beach resort, they also had a golf resort on the premises! it was tucked away a bit from the beach, but there was also a huge place filled with people who must have been more interested in golfing than swimming! we saw that the only way to get to it was by bus, so we got on the bus and went to the golf resort. it was quite a maze, after the bus, then we hopped on an 8 person golf cart that whisked us away about a mile down the path. when we finally arrived at the place it was quite dark and we were really hungry! we put our name in on the list and were soon welcomed in to the nice looking italian restaurant, and the food was amazing. we took the cart back to the bus stop, but we figured we had eaten to much to take the bus, so we walked back the rest of the way. we got back to the room around 11:00. we were both exhausted, so we watched tv for a bit, diana read a magazine, and soon after we called it a night.
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