sushi, anyone?

we made plans to go to the japanese place for dinner, called 'momonohana', and dressed up a bit for it. at the resort there were three types of places to eat: places that allowed you to eat there no matter what you were wearing, even if you had your wet bathing suit on, others that required shirts and shoes, and the last type required pants and a collared shirt. fortunately we had heard about this before we left, so i had packed accordingly! this particular japanese restaurant required pants and a collared shirt.
when we first sat down they brought us a tray of sushi- which was amazing! i ordered another serving of the sushi before we had our meals, it was so good! our food came and it was really good. the best part of the meal though, was that diana and i finally got to just relax and have some good in-depth discussions, something we hadn't really been able to do lately because all our energy and discussions were focused on the wedding. just being able to have all of that finished and now just a wonderful memory is so great!
(more pics)

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