sail on, silvergirl

we finished up with the snorkeling and walked down the beach to find a nice place to sit out and enjoy the rest of our afternoon here at marina maroma. just as we get comfy diana happens to notice a couple parasailing. 'oh, that looks like sooo much fun!' she says. now, i may be new to this whole husband thing, but i had a pretty good idea by that point that we wouldnt be sitting at the beach for long. i tell her i will go and see what i can do and i head back to the front desk and ask if we can still sign up to go parasailing. we still have plenty of time, so i sign us up!
i went back to get diana and she was quite pleased about it! we walked to the dock and onto the boat that was going to be pulling us. they welcomed us aboard, wrapped life vests/ harnesses around us both and off we went! when we got out into the open water the started letting out the parachute. when it got full we went to the back of the boat and were clipped on. once we were both on, the boat speed up, and way we went! the boat quickly became very small and we were rushed higher and higher into the air! it was really fun to be up there with diana, and so peaceful!
(more pics: 1, 2, 3, 4, and a video!)

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