bye bye mexico!

with everything packed and everything ready to go, we head down to the bus stop and wait for our bus to bring us to the airport. we didn't have to wait long, and the bus trip to the airport was only about 15 minutes, so we were actually ahead of schedule!
when we got to the airport we checked our bags and headed up to the security check in. all went well and we looked through the duty free stuff, diana wanted a new perfume. thats when diana realized that she forgot to put her watch back on after the security check! oops! we went back to the checkpoint and they were actually quite easygoing about it and we werent suspected of being terrorists or anything! we grabbed a bite to eat in the airport (having learned on the flight over that the plane doesnt serve free food and the stuff they do offer is way too expensive). the flight was a bit bumpy, enough so that diana and i had our barf bags ready just in case. fortunately we didn't need them, and we arrived safely and on time in chicago!
we found our car in the parking lot all safe and sound. after we picked up poco, our dog, from diana's old house, it was time to head home. time to start our lives together as a married couple!
(more pics)

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