moon palace

we got our luggage and headed out to the van that took us to our hotel, the moon palace. when we arrived we were a bit confused, but found our bearings when we went up to the check in desk. they showed us to our room. it is amazing! wow, we are definitely spoiled here! there is a fridge full of soda, and a full bar that we can have as much of as we want, and its all included! we stepped out on our deck and were amazed by the outrageously beautiful view! our first order of business was to unpack and find a place for everything- diana did not want a cluttered mess. we were trying to figure out what to do next: walk around, find lunch, or take a shower. we found a solution by ordering room service, diana and i ate, then took showers- after the long trip we both were feeling pretty gross!
then we walked around and checked out the place- it was a amazing! we had changed into our bathing suits, so after a look around, diana picked out a lounging chair in the water. i went back to the room to grab a book to read, when i came back we both went in the pool for a quick dip. we swam up the the bar and got a fruity drink, it was good. we dried off and went back to the lobby to get some info on the place. they tried to con us onto going to a meeting to sign up for time share, but we decided against going to the meeting, reluctantly...
(more pics: 1, 2, 3)

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